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Free President Gbagbo to give peace a chance!

L'Afrique en mouvement - Claude B. Djaquis le Lundi 12 Août 2013 à 00:00 | Lu 774 fois

Patriots UK demand the release of President Laurent Gbagbo and all political prisoners in Ivory coast.

Free President Gbagbo to give peace a chance!

Sit-in of patriots UK in London.

Saturday, 10 August 2013 patriots UK, under the leadership of Patrick Beuseize of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI) massively met in front of the British parliament, the cradle of democracy, to denounce the state of impunity in Ivory Coast.
A telephone message of encouragement on the part of Michel Gbagbo, freshly released from the “gulag” was relayed to the patriots by Abdon Bayeto, the Ivorian Popular Front representative in London.
For patriots UK, 12 innocent prisoners have been released, but hundreds of their brothers and sisters including Charles Ble Goude and Simone Gbagbo, continue to suffer the horrors of the regime of Abidjan. Free Gbagbo, Free Simone Gbagbo, Free Charles Ble Goude was the order of the day to demand that British MPs take a second look at what clearly is turning into a farce in Abidjan.
It should be noted that Patrice Koute, President of Cojep Europe and Jean Claude Grebe of the coordination of Ivoirians of Great Britain took part in this peaceful protest with high stakes in the current socio-political environment of the country of Laurent Gbagbo, father of the Ivorian democracy, unjustly in prison at the Hague after he was ousted from office by the coalition of France-Sarkozy - Ouattara-UN in April 2010.
In his speech, Made Gueu, the charismatic leader of Patriots UK denounced the impunity that prevails under Allassane Ouattara, and urged Ivorians of England to continue to mobilize in order to help re-establish the rule of law in their motherland, because only their effort could conquer the dictatorship of the Ouattara regime in Ivory Coast...

Claude B. Djaquis

Claude B. Djaquis
Lundi 12 Août 2013
Vu (s) 774 fois

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GBAGBO is a criminal , he will died in the prison

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